Leskentuska – Nälkäkurki (EP Review)

Release Date: November 25th 2022 - Independent

Leskentuska - Nälkäkurki

Nälkäkurki is the second self-funded EP release from Finland’s Leskentuska that is filled with music that represents the dark wild and inherently violent history of their homeland. A journey that began in 2018 that saw two demo releases, Nälkäkurki represents the evolution of their extreme music.

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Beginning with “Den Onda Andan” based on the Finnish murder trial of three hundred years past, it is apparent that Leskentuska offers that something different. This is black metal and vitriolically so, yet it is also full of that melody that it seems only Finnish bands have.

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It is not only memorable but with dynamic time changes gives their music a real sense of anger and direction.

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Their black metal is violent and full of naked aggression. Yet, its punk rock attitude gives it muscle and energy as ‘’ Minun murhani’’ displays, raging from incredible speed back to a 4/4 backbeat that drives the fury home with a great harmonica solo that keeps the track nimble and energetic.

Wild and full of reckless abandon Nälkäkurki is a reminder of the old enemy and closes out an EP that is all too brief. Leskentuska’s music is dark and suitably so, yet it moves with an energy that is perfect for violence. Raw, incredibly coherent it is the successful merging of melody, rock and the disgust of Black metal combined to create something vital and quite simply blistering.

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Release Year: 2022
Label: self-released
Category: EP
Country: Finland

Reviewed by Sparky