Horizons Edge – Let the Show Go On (Album Review)

Horizons Edge - Let the Show Go On

I sometimes wonder how qualified I am to review the sort of genre sported by Horizons Edge, mainly because I probably don’t have the background listening required to be an authority on the issue. Then other times I figure I’m actually better to review something like this because my review will be honest and come from the perspective of a metalhead looking into another genre. So here goes. My review of Horizons Edge’s album Let the Show Go On.

There aren’t any dragons depicted on the cover of the album, but I certainly felt that I was either going to kill a dragon or ride one – something got to do with dragons was going to happen – and I just went with it. It reminded me a lot of Lord of the Rings, in the sense that there was an air of fantasy and some sort of character development. One could be forgiven for raising their head slightly to the side and staring off into the horizon with some ancient knowledge while listening to these guys (perhaps that’s the reason for their name? Who knows), but I guess I’m trying to convey the feeling that is transferred in this music. And emphasise that the feeling is quite strong.

The playing and mixing/mastering is impeccable, but what I liked about it is it wasn’t overkilled through shredding. Don’t get me wrong, there is shredding and it’s good, it’s just not all it is about, which is really refreshing. It is definitely the pinnacle of guitar/singing music, with the occasional keyboard solo thrown in for good measure, but not all of it was fast.
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Not all of it was a tear your face off with my ability.
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It was just straight interesting and I believe it would translate really well live. My personal favourite would have to be the cover of Holding out for a Hero which was very well executed.

Maybe a little unnecessary, but well-executed. The irony of it all is that without the voice, some of the riffs and drums (if mixed differently) would make some savage death metal, or at least melodic death metal. Suitable for those who brandish a broadsword.

Release Year: 2019
Label: Fastball Music
Category: Album
Country: Australia

Reviewed by Liam Frost-Camilleri