LION’S SHARE: Released video for Youphoria

The Swedish heavy metal icon LION’S SHARE presents another new song “Youphoria”. The duo Johansson / Chriss proves once again that LION’S SHARE are back on the way to old strength. In 2020 the band was able to play a few headliner shows in Germany before the corona epidemic put an end to live culture for the time being. In order to shorten the waiting time for the next album, which can then also be presented live, LION’S SHARE release new songs at regular intervals.

See the video “Youphoria” here:

Lars Criss comments: “We are aware that our fans want a full album. Our plan was actually to release a new album in 2020. But then Corvid-19 stopped everything. In March 2020 we were able to do a few more shows play in Germany and would like to come on tour again to present a new album. We think it is important to do a tour with a new album. But we have to wait until the situation has normalized again we regularly release a new single every 2-3 months. ”

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