LIV SIN release new single Synthetic Generation

Liv Sin

With LIV SIN’s latest album “KaliYuga” still echoing loud in our ears, the best possible news came at the beginning of the Fall: the band is heading for a big, European tour with Swedish industrial metal rioters Deathstars! To celebrate this big trek, the LiV SiN decided to record a Deathstars cover and release it digitally as a standalone single. Welcome to “Synthetic Generation”.

When we got the opportunity to tour with Deathstars, one of the first things that came to my mind was that I wanted to do a Deathstars cover”, singer Liv Jagrell offers. “And “Synthetic Generation” was the very first song I heard by Deathstars and the one that got me hooked on the band. I am really looking forward to both releasing our version of the song and going on tour with them since they are our friends”.

“(Deathstars’ main composer and guitar player) Emil Nödtveidt produced Liv Sin’s second album “Burning Sermons”, and I did some backing vocals on their new album, so we have a special bond with them. I hope we can do more stuff in the future together, that would be fun!”, the singer concludes.

Stream the “Synthetic Generation” digital single here