LIVE PHOTOS: The Butterfly Effect, Thornhill, Caligula’s Horse – Fremantle, October 16th 2022

Metropolis - Fremantle, WA

The Butterfly Effect – Fremantle, 16th October 2022 | Photo Credit: Shadow-World Photography

Aussie powerhouse rockers The Butterfly Effect have had a whirlwind tour across Australia over the last 2 months with packed venues littered along the tour. It all came to an end however In WA as the band along with Thornhill and Caligula’s Horse wrapped things up in Fremantle to close out the tour. It’s all been nothing but positive reviews so far and Freo was no different.

The tour was in support of The Butterfly Effect’s most recent album “IV” which came out last month, thus kicking off a 2 month trek across the country which saw the tour hit both regional towns and the major cities. Along for the ride was Melbourne’s Thornhill and Queenslanders prog rockers Caligula’s Horse.

Captured from the final show are some amazing shots from Shadow-World Photography which can be seen below.


The Butterfly Effect

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Caligula’s Horse

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