Gig Review: Buckcherry & Fozzy w/ Emergency Rule – Adelaide, December 4th 2022

Lions Arts Factory - Adelaide, SA

Buckcherry - Adelaide, December 4th 2022  |  Photo Credit: Outback Bob

After one of the busiest weekends on Adelaide’s social calendar since covid which included several gigs, and the V8 Supercars, I was pleasantly surprised to arrive at the iconic Lions Arts Factory to a large line forming late on Sunday in preparation for what turned out be a total blast of a night.

Buckcherry and Fozzy were preceded by the almighty Emergency Rule. This impressive four piece certainly got the punters moving, although majority of their set was rather dark for everyone but there was certainly nothing wrong with the sound. Unfortunately due to the darkness of the set, decent images are minimal, of which I apoligise to both you the reader and the band themselves.

Oi Oi Oi was the chorus in anticipation for Fozzy to hit the stage, and that’s exactly what they did. Hit the stage with a ferocity and such and energy that made us all pay attention, stomp our feet, bang our head while singing our hearts out contently in unison with legendary frontman Chris Jericho. ”Fozzy Fozzy Fozzy” he chanted to the crows with the typically Aussie retort of ”Oi Oi Oi…”

We’re the only band in the world that can do that.” Chris laughed to which you kinda have to agree.

Next came the ever entertaining Buckcherry. These guys can hold a stage, while holding your gaze as they stylishy deliver a well executed set. The real crowd pleaser was near the finale when they sang ever favourite ‘Crazy Bitch’ to which the entire crowd sang in harmony. All in all it was the perfect tonic to end a hectic weekend.


Review & Photos by Outback Bob Photography


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Emergency Rule

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