LORD – Chaos Raining (EP Review)

Lord doesn’t really need much introduction. These days they truly are a powerhouse in Australian metal, any metal, and they have a solid catalogue to back that claim. “Chaos Raining” is a 3-song EP that includes the song of the same name (taken from their 2019 album “Fallen Idols”), an extended version of the same song, and a brand new original track called “A World Insane”. A compact 20-minute package of some of the best metal you’ll hear in recent years.

Although they are mostly classified as a Heavy/Power Metal band, one of the things that I find more enticing about Lord is their ability to seamlessly navigate between subgenres (sometimes even within the same song), carefully weaving melodies that more than often feel fresh and surprising. This EP is a prime example of the above claim. “Chaos Raining” as a song, is a joy to listen to. One of the first things that caught my ear was the punchy main riff that drives the track: a full-on prog-power attack with subtle yet grand keyboards that really set the mood. Next comes the verse, where Lord Tim treats us to some really awesome gruff vocals. And then an anthemic chorus, full of top-notch vocal harmonies, one of Lord’s trademarks. This chorus surprisingly changes the mood of the song from the darkness of the verse to a much lighter and harmony-driven sound, only to take us back to that killer main riff.
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A quick atmospheric break leads us into a breakneck guitar solo section, one of the most memorable ones from the band in my opinion.

In order to properly compare both versions of the same track, I listened to the extended version next, and I am glad to report that it delivers. This time the main change is a 2-minute synth intro that helps establish an even bigger atmosphere for a song that is already epic, turning “Chaos Raining” into an almost 10-minute long juggernaut of a track. Maybe the synth intro will divide opinions among fans, but I personally loved it, for a minute there I even thought I was listening to a new Ayreon song, and that is a compliment in my book.

The other track in this EP is “A World Insane”, a perfect thrasher of a song that shows us the more aggressive side of Lord. Headbanging riffs, double kicks, great vocals, a killer chorus, everything is there once again.
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This a brand new track that keeps the ball rolling and shows us that the next Lord original album could be nothing short of amazing. And there lies the only issue with this release in my personal opinion: there is simply not enough new Lord here. This 20 minute EP only leaves me wanting more of those killer tracks right now, and although the new covers album “Undercovers Vol.1” is a very good listen, nothing compares to original Lord tracks. Being a fan of the band since their “Set in Stone” days, I cannot wait to hear what a new full-length album will sound like.

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Release Year: 2020
Label: self-released
Category: EP
Country: Australia

Reviewed by Roman Ibarra