Lutharo (USA)

Metal-Roos: Welcome to Metal-Roos, Lutharo. It’s a privilege to have you here.

Lutharo: Thank you so much, its an honor to be here.

MR: Tell us a little bit about Lutharo.

Lutharo: We are Lutharo, a powerhouse of a band established in Hamilton! With a unique and diverse sound, we are a band that possesses qualities for all audiences. Loaded with catchy riffs, blazing solos and vocals ranging from vicious growls to cleans that will send a chill down your spine. Dominating the stage with an enormous presence, we are a band that will leave you wanting more.

MR: You have 3 EPs right now. The last one was released a few days ago. How does Lutharo feel with all the music shared worldwide?

Lutharo: We are on cloud nine right now, the response to Wings of Agony has been way better than we could have ever imagined. Every day we continue to receive messages from different fans and friends from around the world about how much they are loving the album.

MR: Previously, you released the video clip of the song “Wings of Agony”. How was the making of the single?

Lutharo: The making of the single was a long and emotional process, much like the message Wings of Agony gives out. The idea for the song developed two years ago and the song was put on the back burner until one day we decided to come back to it. The song had many different versions during the writing process but when we had the right one, we knew it and we stuck with it.

MR: In those 6 years (first as “Incarnadine” with 1 EP), many changes occurred in the band. How did this influence your music directions?

Lutharo: Having so many lineup changes definitely helped us evolve as a band simply because it helped us realize that we wanted a very diverse sound. Every musician that has played with us has contributed to the making of a very dynamic and powerful sound.

MR: Until now, what was the most exciting experience on Lutharo’s career?

Lutharo: Definitely opening up for Alestorm at the Opera house in Toronto and Unleash the Archers at the Velvet Underground in Toronto have been two of the most exciting experiences to date.

MR: Any new plans for Lutharo in 2020?

Lutharo: We had lots of plans for this year but unfortunately they all came crashing down when the Covid-19 outbreak happened. So now, our new plans consist of constant practicing and writing a new album that we hope to start recording in the fall.

MR: Which message do you have for the metal lovers in this hard situation everywhere in the World.

Lutharo: Stay strong and know that there are so many other ways you can support your favourite bands online by listening/purchasing their music and any other Merch they offer and sharing their social media pages. Stay metal and stay safe.

MR: Thanks for the interview, Lutharo. It’s was an honor to have you here.


Interview Date: 2020-04-18

Interviewer: Jhossbert Gonzalez