Magnus – Scarlet Slaughterer (Re-Issue Review)


Magnus from Poland was formed in 1987 and released their debut demo “Power Metal” which led to them playing a number of shows in their home country. Another demo “ Trash Speed Blood” quickly followed in 1988, and the band entered the studio in 1989 to release their first full-length album “Scarlet Slaughterer”.

Magnus disbanded in 1996 with 4 demos and 3 albums under their belts. It wasn’t until 2010 that the band was resurrected and began to work on new material. They have since released one further full-length album in 2010 named “Acceptance of Death”.

I had not listened to Magnus until I was given the reissue of “Scarlet Slaughterer” to review. But there is no doubt that this band deserves the title of one of the pioneers of thrash and death metal. You can hear the 80’s in this album, being recorded in 1989, it is raw, and you know instantly that you are listening to something instrumental in the roots of speed, thrash and death metal.

This album stands the test of time, it is in the metal history books alongside Slayer, Destruction and Sodom, it is relentless and aggressive. The unrefined production, the brutal guitar tone and belligerent vocals carry the undeniable resonance of heavy metal in its most authentic form.

The reissue of “Scarlet Slaughterer” serves as a reminder of what heavy metal was and should still be, ferocious and unyielding.

For fans of speed, thrash and death metal! Prepare to be transported back in time!

Magnus: N/A

Release Year: 2020
Label: Awakening Records
Category: Album
Country: Poland

Reviewed by ForsakenMisery