MALICIOUS CULEBRA: Premieres “Live at Wacken Open Air”

Malicious Culebra is an Argentine metal band that exposes the lyrics of their songs in an audiovisual show, mixing performance with conceptual live atractions. The lights, screens, performances, makeup and scenery are fundamental parts of its shows.

In 2018, the group, after winning Wacken Metal Battle Argentina, represents its country in the most important metal festival in the world: Wacken Open Air. Finally, this historical spectacle has just seen the light.

On April 19, 2020, Malicious Culebra premiered the entire concert live for hundreds of fans who joined the livestream of the show.

Watch “Malicious Culebra – Full Show – Live at Wacken Open Air 2018” on Youtube

“When we found out that we were going to take part in Wacken Metal Battle Argentina, we would never have imagined winning it”, explains Javier Quiroga, bassist of the band. “And it worked for us, because Metal Battle was an excellent opportunity to show our new material. When they announced Malicious Culebra as the winner of the contest, time stood still for all of us. It is still the strongest memory I have of this experience. From that moment, all our friends, neighbors, and loved ones gave us a hand to be able to travel to the festival.”

Finally it was time for the show at Wacken, and this is how Víctor Petix, guitarist, describes the experience: “The feeling was to achieve an important goal as a band, and as the group of friends that we are. The goal of achieving playing at the highest level in the world, showing who we are and how we think, leaving all our energies and ideologies on a stage that any musician dreams of reaching.”

However, one of the most emotional moments for Malicious Culebra was to premiere this show live, and to be able to enjoy it alongside all its fans. Agustina Hidalgo, drummer, explains how she lived the experience: “Premiering this show was reliving the most beautiful moment that music gave me. It was difficult to think of premiering the show in this quarantine context, and enjoying it in the same way, but when the idea of meeting virtually came up, an opportunity opened up to achieve one of the most important objectives we had set for this year. It was very exciting to share this show with the people who always accompany us, despite the distance.”