Malicious – Merciless Storm (Album Review)

Release Date: December 01st 2023 - Invictus Productions

Malicious - Merciless Storm

Four tracks eleven minutes. That’s it. That’s all you need, Finland’s Malicious has taken the better part of three years to release four new tracks since the debut of ‘’ Deranged Hexes’’ in 2020.

In eleven minutes, the black metal presented is quite simply merciless, it is far too brief but that’s what makes it so effective, the speed attack is unrelenting, the solos unhinged and frantic. The title track and ‘’ Invasive Terror’’ are violent odes of aggression with no respite, it takes a slight punk aesthetic and give it that pure black metal cold wave of fury that is the highlight, ‘’Ambient Sonic Annihilation’’, nothing ambient about it just utter annihilation delivered at an exhausting pace.

Merciless Storm doesn’t care for subtleties, yet the arrangements are strong and intense. The eighties thrash infused solos add to the chaos that is the percussion.  It is the blast of anger that is best survived with the senses irreparably damaged. It is blistering, exhausting and highly addictive Malicious indeed!

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Release Year: 2023
Label: Invictus Productions
Category: Album
Country: Finland

Reviewed by Sparky