Mallus Spiritus – Vultures of Despair (Album Review)

Release Date: December 12th 2022 - Raging Planet Records

Mallus Spiritus - Vultures of Despair

Portuguese duo RP Possessed (Vocals) and Jorman Khaos ( Instruments)  have unleashed their latest offering, Vultures of Despair, which is true to their uncompromising and chaotic nature, full of rage and disorder.

From its opening incantations and subsequent vitriol, Mallus Spiritus offer black metal of the coldest brittle variety. The programmed percussion is suitably mechanical and harsh. When Mallus Spiritus drop from the blast beats to ta mid-tempo crunch that is all impact, the riffs start to shine, and the mood becomes more ominous, suffocating. And when it’s fast? Insanely so ‘’ The Dead Star of Bethlehem’’ and its solo are simply manic.  Special mention must go RP Possessed and his many varied vocal styles. From diabolical screams and incantations to whispered torments, he inhabits the music and gives a chaotic voice. And when he lets rip on the suitably old-school‘’ Spectral Voices from a Chasmic Void,’’ it’s speed metal at its finest. ‘’ To Fail Is to Win’’ combines first-wave black metal with a cold industrial-tinged aesthetic and another insane solo. At Times Vultures of Despair is a recognizable album and contains little surprises.
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What it does offer is pure chaotic black metal, and it makes no apologies for it. ‘’ Disengage the Parasite’’ and ‘’ Spiritus Decadentia’’ is filled with excellent riffs and pummelling rhythms and more of that excellent vocal madness.
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A Pure black metal from its initial onslaught to its conclusion, Vultures of Despair has its share of subtleties, and a hidden atmosphere is strewn across its malevolent darkness. Its musicianship is excellent, and its intent is unadulterated mayhem that is bleak raw and dark. Recommended.

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Release Year: 2022
Label: Raging Planet Records
Category: Album
Country: Portugal

Reviewed by Sparky