INTERVIEW: Massic – Metal United Down Under 2017

Interview by Taffy


Massic began life in 2015 as a strict song writing project but the parties involved quickly realised this was more than a studio session and needed to play live, thus Massic was born, playing their debut show at the Metalfields II Festival on the Gold Coast in December of that year. Since then Massic has steadily been involved in local live music scene, being involved in events such as Shredfest, Ye Gods of Metal and most recently at Metal United Down Under.

Earlier this year Massic released their awaited debut album Redshift, capturing the honest, raw and abrasive sound they set out to create and delivering 9 tracks of musical intensity, massive riffs and head-banging grooves. They have quickly built a reputation for their live performances, delivering their sound with as much conviction passion and energy as physically and mentally possible.

Taffy spoke to the guys from Massic about their projects at MUDU Lismore.