Melbourne alt-metal outfit Nth Road is “Wearing Thin” with new single and video

Nth Road

Looking for a direction in life? Maybe some new music to hit the spot? May we suggest taking the NTH RD?

Since 2017, Melbourne based alt-metal outfit NTH RD have been patiently refining their sound behind closed doors, arriving to a sonic palette that simultaneously feels deeply personal, as well as passionately anthemic. The band seamlessly weaves themes of loss, mental health and relationships amidst chaotic, often brutally crushing riffs and breathy atmosphere, culminating in their explosive new single Wearing Thin.

Wearing Thin will see its release into the universe on Friday February 4th and will be available at

Justifiably heavy, while still melodic and genuine, Wearing Thin draws inspiration from the burgeoning Australian metalcore scene, utilising the bands familiarity with nu metal and alternative music to create something truly unique. WEARING THIN demonstrates this fusion in spades, setting vocalist Jordan Kellaway’s soaring vocals as a stark contrast to the down-tuned rock riffs that only the protégé of Jimi Hocking (of Screaming Jets fame), Billy Balassis, could pull off.

As the COVID-19 pandemic swept through their hometown, the band began to draw influence from a heavier, more substantive place, arriving at a sound that fused their familiar rock sensibilities with the down-tuned, brutal riffs of nu-metal and metalcore. Enlisting the help of producer Christopher Vernon (better half, belle haven), the band embarked on creating an album that explored the ever-present feeling of claustrophobia and panic.

The band set out to write a song that felt anthemic, but all too familiar amidst the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdowns that brutally and consistently hit Melbourne. Lyrics such as “Why am I so tired? I die with every step” and “I feel it in my skin, my patience wearing thin” perfectly encapsulate the claustrophobia and helplessness of being held captive in one’s own mind.

Featuring a lyrical collaboration between bassist Lucas Banim and vocalist Jordan Kellaway, syncopated by the brutal accuracy of drummer John Mihaloudakis’ precise and powerful rhythms, it’s a track that will have you in goosebumps from beginning to end, created with an electrifying live show at the forefront of the groups minds.

Hungry, and eager to show the world the fruits of their labour, Wearing Thin is NTH RD’s new calling card, a constant reminder to keep your ears peeled for what is to come.

They will launch the single on Thursday February 10th at The Bendigo Hotel in Collingwood, Melbourne, alongside bands ‘This Space is Ours’ and ‘Uncle Umma’. Tickets can be found at