Melbourne Speak-Easy Bar 1806 Becomes The Backdrop for Ablaze’s Old Scratch Music Video


When it comes to music videos, Melbourne hard rockers Ablaze are no strangers to going above and beyond to deliver some solid offering to their fans, and the latest video for new single ‘Old Scratch‘ is no exception!

The song’s lyrics offer a modern twist on the timeless tale of Robert Johnson’s fabled meeting at the crossroads to sell his soul to the devil. This time, the protagonist returns to scene of the story, unhappy with how things have turned out and set to challenge Beelzebub himself – but there’s no golden fiddles to be found this time, it’s a good ol’ fashioned drink-off!

Filmed once again by Daniel Armstrong and Rom Anthonis of Strongman Pictures, the video perfectly matches the blend of tongue-in-cheek lyrics and old-school Southern blues-rock vibes.

Melbourne speakeasy-styled cocktail bar ‘1806‘ provided an ideal setting for the story to unfold, and the owners were more than happy for Ablaze and Co. to take over the place (as tends to be the case) and offer their wide selection of era-themed cocktails to band, cast and crew – which could have been a risky move given Ablaze’s reputation of drinking bars dry. A large assortment of demon-inspired props, gadgets and knick-knacks were also provided by the video’s Lucifer himself, Daemon James of Daemon James Custom, from the free-standing walking stick to the uniquely-customised Les Paul featured in the clip.

All up, the music video captures the fun nature of the track whilst staying true to the musical influences behind it; another great flavour in Ablaze’s already varied music video offerings.

Check it out now!