MENTAL CAVITY – Mass Rebel Infest (Album Review)

MENTAL CAVITY is a four-piece metal band out of Canberra. Mass Rebel Infest I believe is their third full length offering to date, following up from their 2019 release Neuro Siege. This most recent album was released via Creator-Destructor Records on June 25th.

Straight from the go with Interred, Awake you are slogged with crunching guitar riffs that are backed by driving, aggressive percussion. Fractured Anvil steps it up a notch slightly with some thrash elements thrown into the mix as well. The overall album has a sludgy, doomy type feel that you could maybe familiarise with Morbid Angel, crossed by Crowbar and Obituary, perhaps. There are some hints of punk engrained as well you could say. The vocals are consistent throughout, with a hardcore/death metal type style you could call it. There’s a reasonable mixture of tempo and variation throughout the songs, but they sit mostly around mid-tempo. With 12 tracks on the album and only a few songs that take you past the 3-minute mark, the overall run time is about 26 minutes. 2 of those also include cover songs by Cro-Mags and Disrupt.

A decent release by these guy’s that anyone familiar with them and into this style would be happy with. The stand out track for me would have to be Fractured Anvil.

1. Interred, Awoke
2. Fractured Anvil
3. Mask Tearer
4. Downtrodden
5. Micro Brain Foot Soldier
6. Anointing the Filth
7. Place Of Ease
8. Apparite
9. The Portal
10. Infest
11. It’s The Limit (Cro-Mags Cover)
12. Mindlock (Disrupt Cover)


Release Year: 2021
Label: Creator-Destructor Records
Category: Album
Country: Australia

Reviewed by Chris Long