Mental Torment: Ukraine Based Death Doom Band Release Artwork, Tracklist & Teaser for New Album EGO:GENESIS

Mental Torment

Ukraine based Death Doom Metallers Mental Torment are preparing the release their new album EGO:GENESIS on 29 September. Today, they reveal artwork, tracklist and teaser for EGO:GENESIS.

The album EGO:GENESIS includes 7 tracks about the catharsis that is a person goes through in a moment of despair and hopelessness, searching for answers to eternal questions, resisting the inevitable and final acceptance of their fate. The album will bring a fresh view on the traditional Doom Metal genre – from acoustic ballads and funeral vibes to sludgy and modern progressive music.

The band explains the artwork of EGO:GENESIS: “The cover is an image of the end of a person’s journey. This is a metaphorical scene of transition to another stage of being. The cover shows a man wrapped in the waves of a river that will take him to another world through a shining passage. And the girl is like a goddess of fate, ready at any moment to cut the thread of life that has appeared before her.”


1.    Acceptance
2.    New Days Old Wounds
3.    Untitled
4.    Conclusion
5.    The River
6.    Black
7.    Oblivion

Anatolii Doroshenko – Guitars
Andrii Avramets – Bass
Artur Myrvoda – Drums
Mykhailo Chuha – Guitars
Roman Sagajdachnyj – Vocals
Yaroslav Mosiievsky – Keyboards

Mental Torment: Facebook