Mephisto: Release Single/Video for the Album Title track “Pentafixion


Cuban black metal pioneers MEPHISTO unleash the title track Pentafixion from their upcoming album in video form, the album will be released via Wormholedeath Records. Get the Single Pentafixion here:!

“It has been a very long journey to arrive at this place where we are ready to release our first single ‘Pentafixion’ off the highly anticipated album with the same name.
The song is backed up by a masterful piece of cinematic filming; all carried out in Havana under the direction of respected film maker Victor Vinuesa and producer Oscar Maceo de la Torre.
The band is really happy with the outcome of the recording and the final music video is causing quite a stir amongst some circles in our home country.

It’s a very confronting song and music video which is probably why it has been censored in some places. The video does present some pretty harsh images to do with suicide but we did this because the song and music video has an underlining message to the youth of today which we felt was important to share to our legion of metal fans everywhere. Pentafixion is the first single off the album with plans by our label WormHoleDeath records to follow this up with the release of ‘The Mighty Ring’ in February 2021 and ‘The Birth’ at the start of March 2021 before the full-length album is released late March 2021.” Says Lead Vocalist & Band Director – Osney Cardoso                                           

Mephisto are:Osney Cardoso Riaño -Vocals
Alexander Jorge Parra – Bass
Kevin Chaperón – Guitars
Fabián F. Rodríguez González – Guitars
David Leonardo Nieves Naranjo – Drums


  1. Intro – Enter The Storm
  2. Storming war anthems
  3. Pentafixion
  4. The birth
  5. Rebellion
  6. The falling
  7. Curse of the pharaoh
  8. The mighty ring
  9. From Hobbiton toward the mountains of Gorgoroth
  10. The last battle
  11. The undivine blessing
  12. Yavhe Sabbaoth (King of nobody)
  13. Burning Fantoft

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