MEZMIK Releases Debut Single “Flames and Fury”

MEZMIKBrisbane based symphonic groove metal band Mezmik, have released their debut single for their upcoming debut EP named “Unlikely Hero”. The EP is due to be released early 2024. The first single titled “Flames and Fury” is accompanied by their first music video and represents the style of heavy down tuned guitars and haunting vocals that is Mezmik’s signature sound. More singles from their debut will be released in the coming months so keep an eye out!

Mezmik draws influences from alternative metal, swedish melodic death metal and european symphonic metal. Chunky 7 string, pumping bass, blistering double kicks, catchy vocal hooks with and orchestral twist is what we are all about. “If you want to mosh, head bang, ballroom dance or just pop it, lock it and drop it like it’s hot, we’ve got the riffs for you”!

In 2023, Mezmik was honoured to be selected as the 2023 Queensland finalist for the Waken Metal Battle competition. We are also honoured to support Blind Guardian in February 2024!

Watch their official video here: