MØL: Announce new album ‘DIORAMA’ and present music video ‘Photophobic’

On November 5th, blackgaze masters MØL return with their second studio album, “DIORAMA“, the group’s first for their new label Nuclear Blast Records. Recorded and mixed by Tue Madsen (Gojira, Meshuggah, Heaven Shall Burn) and graced by a cover artwork designed by Jon Gotlev, “DIORAMA” sees the band further developing its captivating, aggressive sound. With swirling guitars and hissing vocals blended into a dreamy ambience of shoegaze, the highflyers from Aarhus, Denmark, will deliver a crushing yet otherworldly follow-up to their debut album “Jord” from 2018.

Today, MØL unveils ‘Photophobic‘, the first single off the band’s anticipated sophomore studio album, which comes with a haunting music video directed by Kasper Jensen / M2 Film, so brace yourself for a ferocious yet melodic blackgaze monument.

“‘Photophobic’ is centred around denial and self-deception. Fear of exposure of one’s past”, vocalist Kim Song Sternkopf explains. “The song encapsulates the dread of forcefully venturing through the painful but nonetheless important places of one self and your history.”

Nicolai Busse Bladt adds: “Writing our debut ‘JORD’ seemed like the culmination of our first two EPs. We had achieved a sound and an approach to creating music that is distinctly ours. ‘DIORAMA’ is both refinement and exploration. I wanted to refine our sound, melodies, and compositions, but also push the boundaries of our music and explore new paths and things we haven’t done before. Our approach to music has never been restricted by any dogmas and we’re stalwart believers in eclecticism.“

Get ready to be dragged into the light and watch the music video for ‘Photophobic‘ here:

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