MoonThoth – Uroczysko (Album Review)

elease Date: February 07th 2023 - Indepeandent

MoonThoth - Uroczysko

Polish one-man Black Metal project led by Nocturnal, MoonThoth (the lunar deity Thot/Thoth) follows up his debut offering 2020s ‘’ Zmora’’ with the rich atmospheric offering that is ‘’ Uroczysko’’ a particular part of the forest bound by legends or a legendary event.

Captivating, dark and all-consuming, the mystery of MoonThoth lies in the presentation of their music. It is extreme pure black metal on hand, yet on the other is genuine and heartfelt, delivered in his native language. There is clarity and a sense of vision of impermeable darkness using demonology and Slavic mythology throughout. The guest vocals and guitar work are intrinsic, especially on the truly haunting closer ‘’Chram Chorsa’’that elevates something extraordinary. ‘’ Brzask odmętem zgaszony’’ (the time of the dim light)  with its unsettling mid pace and the simply extreme/symphonic ‘’Żalnik’’ (Burial place) with its huge monolithic riffs and purity. It is an album that improves greatly as you undertake its journey, yet its themes are delivered without compromise or consideration for those with less understanding. The production is simple and unhurried, allowing the music to be felt in its purest form as on ‘’ Wołchwowe widziadła’’and ‘’ Popielnik.’’

Something is alluring and hypnotic to MoonThoths music that is captivating and demands repeated listening. Is it the rhythms that ensnarl you or the moments of beauty, such as the strings over the extreme, that make it complete rather than a distraction?  MoonThoth has an unexplainable element that is haunting yet also incredibly earthen. Real. This undefinable quality elevates Uroczysko from a great album to an excellent one.

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Release Year: 2023
Label: self-released
Category: Album
Country: Poland

Reviewed by Sparky