Munt release new single & video ‘Apostate Sermon’


Step aside and pay heed, Melbourne’s Munt have re-emerged from Covid obscurity in an evolved form. ‘Pain Ouroboros‘, Munt’s new 5 track EP, demonstrates vision focused towards unrelenting aggression and breakneck delivery of riffs fusing influences from grind, blackened death metal and modern hardcore. ‘Apostate Sermon’ is the second video release and closing track from ‘Pain Ouroboros’, following on from last month’s release of the first single ‘The Vengeful March’.

Apostate Sermon‘ melds anthemic and blistering blackened crust with percussive and crushing modern hardcore. This piece is the final self-righteous statement of rebellion, rejection, and defiant liberation. An apostate, those who have renounced religious belief. This hymn, this sermon is for those who have struggled free from ideological shackles and ventured out on their own, to brave the frigid and scathing winds of an uncertain and unkind reality. Does one bury themselves in some dark crevice once again, or will the withered cocoon slough off revealing a new, stronger being?

‘Pain Ouroboros’ is out now and leans further into infusing death metal into an already vicious experience… and while fast paced destruction will always dominate the landscape, there is still room for the slow-paced crushing doom of a tar-coated sludge riff.


Listen to ‘Apostate Sermon’ here:



Munt - Pain Ouroboros