Muse share new horror themed video “You Make Me Feel Like It’s Halloween”


Grammy Award and Brit Award winners Muse today release their new studio album Will Of The People. The album has emerged to widespread critical acclaim for its audacious ambition and reflection of a world in flux.

Entirely self-produced by Muse, the 10-track Will of the People album has been previewed by “Won’t Stand Down”, “Compliance”, the title track “Will Of The People”, and “Kill Or Be Killed”. Matching the excellence and versatility of these already released songs, “Liberation” echoes glam rock in the age of disinformation, while there is an innocence and a purity to the nostalgic electronic textures of “Verona”. Aside from the haunting piano ballad “Ghosts (How Can I Move On)”, the band’s frenetic energy is palpable with the lightning-bolt rush of “Euphoria”, while “We Are Fucking Fucked” brings the curtain down with loud/quiet/loud dynamics and a final burst of insanity.

Alongside the album’s release, Muse premiere a video for “You Make Me Feel Like It’s Halloween“. The song’s pulsating electro-rock and ominous John Carpenter-esque synths is complemented by a suitably spooky video courtesy of director Tom Teller. The video plays with visual references to many classic horror movies, including ‘The Shining’, ‘Friday The 13th’, ‘Scream’, ‘It’, ‘Poltergeist’, ‘Christine’, ‘The Running Man’, ‘Carrie’ and ‘Nightmares In The Sky’.

Partnering with eco-friendly music web3 marketplace Serenade, Muse will also be the first artist to offer a brand new album format to their fans with the world’s first Digital Pressing; a brand new, limited edition and collectible music format that will produce the first UK and Australian chart eligible music format since album streams in 2015. Find out more HERE.



Muse - Will Of The People