Nacarbide – Iron Lotus (Album Reviews)


The music world knows no boundaries in language, style talent. This was never more evident in 2020 wherewith the lack of touring bands and people in there millions locked away with the infinity of the net to explore. Bands like Nacarbide from that most unlikely of metal heartlands Thailand have crashed onto the scene in their native country after touring and honing their sound since 2016. The two Previous full-length outings, 2017 Lots of Eyes and 2019 EP Resolution show growth and an ability to maintain a style that is both solid and experimental.

The Line up is a mixture of ages and experience Hiro on drums, Massa on guitar and Hassy on bass have been around the Japanese scene now for some time. This is very evident in the tightness of the finished product.

Like all great bands the vocalist can make or break its future here I think the future is bright for this four-piece. They have a secret weapon in Hitomi

This diminutive frontwoman pumps out vocals that are both at once powerful and emotive. Mix this with some of the best guitar solos I have heard from any Power metal band of the last few years and you have a winning formula.

There is no secret that I really love a female-fronted metal band and I find the textures and tones they often bring to the music beguiling and fun. Often the girls can really show their male counterparts just how to do it. Hitomi is one of them if you do not believe me take a listen to Eye of the Hawke for me the best track on the record. The album sonically leans heavily into the power metal resurgence of the last decade. If you love Dragon Force and Kingdom Come with some Judas Priest thrown in then you’re in for a wild ride.

The times Hitomi lets fly in her native tongue on tracks like Zense No Yakusoku

Are a delight and I have often skipped to them because the passion in the voice is something to behold. Whilst the world wakes from the slumber of the past year sleeping giants like these guys wake with them. Really they should be on every promoter’s lips for 2021 festival lineups. It goes to show that Asian metal is not all-just Baby Metal, It is more cultured, Better produced and above all heavier.

With not a vast back catalogue to wade through take a moment or two and listen to this and their other outings, you won’t regret it.

Music truly is a universal language. No one need’s a translation book; all that is needed is a good guide.

Release Year: 2020
Label: self-relesded
Category: Album
Country: Thailand

Reviewed by Tony Evans