Nattehimmel – The Night Sky Beckons (Demo Tape Review)

Release Date: May 20th 2022 - Hammerheart Records

Nattehimmel - The Night Sky Beckons

Norwegian Stalwarts The Botteri brothers, Christian (guitar) & Christopher (bass) of ‘In The Woods’ and ‘Green Carnation’ are joined by James Fogarty (vocals) and long-time drummer Sven Rothe to create a return to the true elements of Black Metal and their heritage.

Norsk for Night Sky Nattehimmel has delivered the first salvo in their arsenal of black metal fury. The Night Sky Beckons is a three-track demo (available only on cassette) that has already emerged from its beginnings earlier this year. The music is true Hellenic black metal eschewed all the trappings that come from the development of the genre, this is dark, heavy, and full of depth, a dense sound already matured by the musicians involved. The symphonic elements are as integral as the varied vocals styles of James Fogarty best represented in opener ‘’Astrologer” along with varied tempo changes and excellent riffing to create a gripping introduction to their music

‘’Mountain of the Northern Kings’’ explores mid-tempo annihilation along with an abundance of soundscapes so the seemingly familiar is lost as they explore the foreboding; the result is visceral and experimental. Closer and title ‘’ The Night Sky Beckons’’ is a celebration of black metal’s true spirit giving new life and malevolence to pagan darkness, a genre that they excel at, the melody present amongst the driving tempos, and truly heavy passages.

As an initial assault on the senses, The Night Sky Beckons is the perfect introduction, ominous, savage, and determined. Nattehimmel has foreshadowed the musical intentions to come. A maelstrom of extreme music delivered authentically and flawlessly. Recommended!

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Release Year: 2022
Label: Hammerheart Records
Category: Demo Tape
Country: Norway / UK

Reviewed by Sparky