Ne Obliviscaris reveal music video for brand new song “Graal”

Ne Obliviscaris

Progressive metal outfit Ne Obliviscaris have revealed another emotionally charged single and music video! “Graal” is taken from the band’s long-awaited full-length, ‘Exul,’ which is due on March 24 via Season of Mist!

Exploring the result of oppression and mistreatment, Ne Obliviscaris’ new song  “Graal” is about the inner journey and struggle to understand our individual worth. In lieu of a comment, violinist/clean vocalist Tim Charles offers this thought-provoking poem inspired by the song ‘Graal’ and its intensely charged video:

Lost, he lies…
His failing body beaten down by the totality of existence,
The strength to rise, To persevere, To overcome,

His inner world torments him with the weight of every moment passed by, but not yet forgotten.
And yet
He is found
He is lifted

And as the essence of his line is fed forth
He breathes
He moves
He rises



Ne Obliviscaris - Exul