Taberah – Necromancer (Album Review)

Taberah - Necromancer

Taberah opens with the rhythm section simmering over the first track “2012”, before some scorching guitar work, and then gives you a taste of the huge anthemic chorus, you start to realize what you are in for. King and country is another standout and rocks hard. This is the kind of song you KNOW works well live. The entire album is very slick, and I can see why bands like Motorhead handpicked them to be their support. They are perfect for this sort of very traditional styled metal.

That’s not to say there are no surprises on this hard-rocking album. My Dear Lord had me checking that my van had not flipped to a different CD, and has a gospel feel, with the kind of harmonies that would sit well in a church (well probably, for the amount of time I spend in churches these days – ie not much). Don’t say you’ll love me is a power ballad that I found very easy to listen to, as is the instrumental one goon bag later. The Deep purple cover Burn at the end is a competent tribute to their influences.

With every band I review, I always think of what track I would use to introduce a friend to this band. Not just my favorite but the best representation of the band and their capabilities, and it’s often not the opening track. After all, if a friend suddenly decides they want to hear what Slayer sounds like, you don’t play them Hell Awaits, do you? You reach for Angel of Death or Mandatory Suicide from the two most defining albums of their career. The song I would choose for this band would be the title track, Necromancer. At just over 5 minutes, it showcases what everyone can do; the huge vocals, heavy guitar, and tight as a drum rhythm section.

They are playing an all-age gig soon in Brisbane, which I applaud as I still remember being a young metal lad so keen to see bands, but just unable to experience live metal really until you turn 18. So you have no excuse, you can see your bands AND take the kids now.

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Release Year: 2013
Label: Dust on the Tracks
Category: Album
Country: Australia

Reviewed by Matt