Exist Within – New Atmosphere (EP Review)

Exist Within and their 4 track EP, New Atmosphere, is a nicely produced well-executed little package of dynamite and drama, with a surprising amount of detail and depth and contrasts that has you listening long after the first play.

A fair amount of angst and controlled rage pulses through the music and riding on the back of Kyle English’s vocals. The growls are good, staying clear of the scream, and maintaining coherency. His skill is the excellent display of singing in his use of clean vocals.

Absolutely unreal in the title track New Atmosphere. What a title track it is with a groovy little wrinkle of a riff to start and a nice mid-tempo pace with a large hook big enough to pull a D9.

Then Kyle cuts in with his singing the chorus. So damn good, and you will definitely find yourself singing along in your best harmony. What a great song, skilful songwriting!

My other favourite track is the thunderous and rather prog chunky, This Life. Probably the heaviest song but also the most advanced and altogether brilliant. Catchy ferocious chorus but then the second half of the song is just irresistible. Changing rhythms timing patterns and taking the heaviness to a whole new level. This part of this song is the best bit on the album. Classic headbanging moments then breaking into completely different tempo and timing once again. Genius!

The track Pieces even starts with a nice acoustic guitar to break up the in your face anger and provide a different point of view to their feelings and their music.

The guitars are professionally handled, producing a full great metal sound by Matt Petchell and Adam Zarb. There are many moments where the guitars and drums have some outstanding timing and wall of sound moments.

Those drums are belted hard, real hard by Matt Seckold and the bass ties it all together by Tim Randall.

Exist Within sounds like they know what they are doing and have made a good little EP to prove that. Like all EPs, I wish there were more songs to give more substance and to hear more of what they have to offer. But as a whole, I really enjoyed New Atmosphere and I think it’s a well-done recording.

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Release Year: 2013
Label: self-released
Category: EP
Country: Australia

Reviewed by Chris Rankin