New York City experimental/tech death metal act Aeviterne premieres “The Gaunt Sky”


New York City’s experimental death metal quartet AEVITERNE – formed from the embers of Flourishing – today dispatches their new single, “The Gaunt Sky,” across the barren plains of existence advancing their debut album, The Ailing Facade, nearing release through Profound Lore Records in March.

On The Ailing Facade, AEVITERNE looks beyond the destruction of flesh or the punishment of the spirit, instead turning inward to focus on the abyss of consciousness itself: the curse of sentience; the futility of productivity; the breakdown of consensus reality; humanity’s twin drives to propagate and destroy itself, locked in permanent perverse competition.

The Ailing Facade was engineered and mixed by Ian Jacyszyn, with drum engineering and mastering by Colin Marston (Gorguts, Krallice), and the album was completed with artwork and layout by Mark McCoy (Full Of Hell, Pig Destroyer).

In their issue about to hit newsstands, Decibel Magazine praises The Ailing Facade, the review offering in part, “What this quartet has created with The Ailing Facade makes perfect sense if you’re aware of what the various members have been up to for the majority of their public music careers, yet it also defies description, as the layers of experiment run deep and the overwhelming feeling of elation consistently outruns the withdrawn critical moderation.

AEVITERNE formed in 2015 as a vehicle for guitarist/vocalist Garett Bussanick to continue exploring some of the musical ideas his previous band Flourishing pursued, particularly the fusion of death metal with rhythms and textures inspired by harsh post-punk and industrial music. Bussanick was joined by bassist Eric Rizk, who also played in Flourishing, as well as and drummer Ian Jacyszyn (Miasmatic Necrosis), and the band unveiled the Sireless EP in 2018. The years since that brief but powerful introductory statement were spent not in dormancy, but in painstaking composition and relentless experimentation in pursuit of the densely textured, multifaceted sound of their maiden LP, The Ailing Facade. The band’s lineup has also expanded during this period to include guitarist Samuel Smith (Artificial Brain, Luminous Vault).

The result is an album that plunges listeners into hellish headspaces of dread, anxiety, and unease through dynamic songwriting and deliberate, nearly narrative sequencing rather than effects pedal abuse, made even queasier and more disorienting through subtle electronics and additional layers of percussion, culminating in the instrumental title track and epic closer “Dream In Lies.” Immolation’s harsh technicality and the psychedelic menace of Godflesh can serve as reference points, but don’t fully capture the all-devouring alchemy of The Ailing Facade.



Aeviterne - The Ailing Facade