New Zealand’s Crooked Royals release “Ill Manor” ahead of NZ tour with The Plot In You

Crooked Royals
Photo Credit: Samantha Davies

Crooked Royals deliver another thrashing taste of their debut album ‘Quarter Life Daydream‘ with the release of new single “Ill Manor“. ‘Quarter Life Daydream’ will release via 3DOT Recordings on Friday October 21. Pre-order’s live now.

Recorded and mixed by Zorran Mendonsa (Coridian) and mastered by George Lever (Sleep Token, Loathe, Thornhill), “Ill Manor” dips in and out of a bludgeoning barrage punctuated by pummelling riffs and soaring refrain laced with raw melody. “It’s a song about living in a rough household that’s not healthy or safe,” explains vocalist Lee Mackley. “‘It’s a play on words about growing up in a house with lessons that make your brain sick, and how you become more shut off because of it.”

“We’ve all believed during our formative years that adults know what they are doing, especially the ones that are closest to us and care for us. But those adults who care, are wrong, and what they view as “caring” can be manipulative and toxic.”

The band will take their fresh new tunes on the road later this month when they join The Plot In You (US) on the New Zealand leg of the Swan Song Tour. Tickets on sale now via Destroy All Lines.

Crooked Royals initially bulldozed a path for ‘Quarter Life Daydream’ with “Copacetic,” generating over half a million Spotify streams and counting. Their second offering, “Glass Hands” stormed out the gates in early August on a flurry of double bass, fret-searing lead guitar and melodic vocals.

Crooked Royals unearth harmony from unpredictability. The quintet is Christian Carstensen (clean vocals), Lee Mackley (heavy vocals), Jake Andrews (guitar), Keane Gilles (drums), and Conor Lawson (bass). Infusing metalcore with moments of head-spinning off-kilter prog, alternative melodies, and even nocturnal trap R&B, the band switch lanes seamlessly and smoothly.

They bob and weave past boundaries with a deft and dynamic approach. After racking up millions of streams independently and touring with various genre heavyweights, they perfect this vision on their full-length debut album, ‘Quarter Life Daydream’ out through esteemed label 3DOT Recordings.



Crooked Royals - Quarter Life Day Dream