Nexoasis: Release their single “Anastasia”

Venezuelan alternative rock band Nexoasis return to the stage with their new single called “Anastasia”.

After they recieved great reception on their previous musical proposal that has been cataloged as “Contundent” with their videoclip “Alas de papel” (also available on youtube), there renegated young decide to repeat the formula, but this time with more significant and innovative aspects that try to reintroduce their armonical rebellion with the good stories, portray in a song and make the proposal being more complete and visceral than the previous one.

“Anastasia” is a fictional story of a hitman with a perfect and remarkable criminal sheet, a teacher that never leave a loose end, in other words a ghost. Her life gets complicated when she fall in love madly and this forces her to make just one mistake that she decides to advance or die.

“We were looking to fuse this story with all the songs that we are producing and we go an incredible result, people who follows us can enjoy the two elements at the same time” sentenced Bony Pineda, Nexoasis’ vocals.

Nexoasis is a Venezuelan alternative rock band born in 2014 with 4 guys that never imagined in form a rock band between them, but the casuality united them to afirm that the music is the only link that can unite anything.

Anastasia is available here: