Nonexist: Release “Together We Shall Burn” lyric video

NONEXIST released today a lyric video for the second single of the upcoming album, “Like The Fearless Hunter”. The spotlight now falls unto “Together We Shall Burn”. Here’s what mastermind Johan Reinhodz has to say about it:

”Together We Shall Burn” is one of the few midtempo songs on this album. It’s pretty damn heavy, actually”, mastermind Johan Reinholdz states. “Lyrically – and this is how I feel generally about my lyrics – I don’t want to explain too much. Basically, it takes a stand against the dogmatic thinking and the polarisation that is so prevalent in the world today”.

Almost turning two round decades since he originally kickstarted the project, Johan Reinholdz is back with Nonexist in 2020 for its’ fourth album, titled “Like The Fearless Hunter”. The record takes off in the dark and violent death metal vein of the last EP, which saw Reinholdz took over vocal duties, but also contains crushing midtempo-heaviness  (“Together We Shall Burn”), melodic thrashmetal-mayhem (“Strictly Sadistic Intent”), hyperspeed hardcore/punk-spiced violence (“Litany of Poison”) as well as sombre, progressive darkness (“Emerging from a World Below”) and even some instrumental shredding (“Fear Corrodes the Soul”).
The album is also graced and enhanced by the presence of some truly terrific guests: Mikael Stanne (Dark Tranquillity), Rogga Petersson (Merciless), Chris Amott (Dark Tranquillity, ex-Arch Enemy) and Markus Johnsson (Eucharist), to name a few.

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