NOTHING SACRED: Share New Music Video “Stoner”

Nothing Sacred

Australian thrashers Nothing Sacred will be marking their return to the mosh pit with their new album “No Gods” set for release via Rockshots Records on July 16th. The band unveiled the first single “Final Crime” this past May and are ready to share the next song “Stoner” with a music video in preview to the full length.

“This is a very different track for Nothing Sacred, which to us made it all the better. We did debate on a name for it. We originally called it Stoner when we only had the music. The name was only meant to be a placeholder till another one came along. That obviously didn’t end up happening, plus the name Stoner just suits it. It’s a song about a love-hate battle with anything that eventually leads to the destruction of both. It kinda morphed into a bunch of cool lines and a lot of ooo’s and aaaah’s.” adds the band.

Music Video – Stoner

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