Obituary Brisbane (Brisbane, QLD)

16 January 2020 at The Woolly Mammoth

Well, well, well. After a lineup out the door & along the footpath, the evening kicked off thanks to Soundworks Touring, bringing some classic Death Metal to Brisvegas. 

If you weren’t awake when you walked in the door you would’ve been shaken awake both visually & sonically by Brisbane’s own F.U.C,  the self proclaimed “Environmental Nu Thrash” 2 piece guitar & drums – the Dan & Todd show – dressed up to the short & curlies in mankinis. So much skin & dreadlocks – it’s a sight that’s for sure. Kicking off their set with The Statement from Humans Being Album, letting it be known our bits will not be ok – but what a cracker start to the night. Laughs had all round. Smashing through some good ol Thrash with the shortest song on record with the few second long Poo Raka – what a crack up! Finishing up with Elephant Song containing self generated Elephant sound effects what a way to throw us into the evening. Check out Humans Being here:

 Humans Being

It might’ve taken Wormrot 10 years to visit from Singapore & this being their first time in Australia, they sure made it a memorable event.  Comparable to old school Grindcore they began in 2007 & were signed to Earache Records 2010. I thoroughly enjoyed their set, beginning with Outworn & a full set filled with a couple of personal favourites with Fallen into Disuse & Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Grind. (What a title! HA!) The crowd cut sick & helped surf the vocalist Arif over their heads, setting a precedent for the evenings crowd surfing. Full tilt & most excellent. If this ear worm has not touched your precious senses I suggest you go here:

Wormrot Facebook

And here we are celebrating the 30 year anniversary of a classic & one of the most influential Death Metal albums ever – Obituary’s Cause of Death tour.  Beginning with a great intro track Redneck Stomp from Frozen in Time, the legends that are Florida’s Obituary came out axes fully blazing. More glorious long hair than you can poke a stick at you can tell these Sludge Death Gods have been at this metal malarkey for quite some time. Gifting the crowd with a few tracks before beginning with Infected to play the entirety of the 1990 album Cause of Death. SO GOOD!! The crowd went wild, there was not much space in the sold out venue – who said that metal is a passing phase? They know not! Such great songs – Body Bag, Chopped In Half & the list could go on. Coming back for a three song encore with I’m In Pain, then the title track from their new album 2019’s A Dying World (quite apt really) & finishing the set where it all began with the title track from their first album in 1989 – Slowly We Rot. 30 bloody years, some people don’t live for 30 years let alone keep a band together producing brutal Death Metal. Now that my friends is fuck!ng Brutal. What an experience. Log that one down in the history books. As they play Sydney Friday, Melbourne Saturday, then Tassie Sunday it just goes to show how “metal fit” they are. Catch them if you can otherwise you’ll have to fly over the pond to get the last 2 shows before they leave our hemisphere. Nothing like a good dose of old school to shake out the cobwebs. Hail! \m/

Obituary Facebook


Line-up: OBITUARY, Wormrot, F.U.C

Reviewer: Tina Summers