OBLIVION PROTOCOL – The Fall Of The Shires (Album Review)

Release Date: August 18th 2023 - Atomic Fire Records

OBLIVION PROTOCOL - The Fall Of The Shires

Oblivion Protocol is a very recent project within the boundaries of progressive rock and melodic metal. Their debut album, ‘The Fall of the Shire’ is a solid start for what hopefully will be an ongoing collaboration between some of the genre’s most impressive musicians and there are some big names behind this release.

‘The Fall of the Shire’, a sequel album from ‘Thresholds, Legends of the Shire’, had me interested from the very beginning as it’s not very often you see a new project releasing an album following an affiliated project. Opening with The Fall Pt 1, the vibrations from a haunting synth had me fooled into believing this might be exceptionally heavy, but not at all. From the moment Richard’s vocals appeared, my ears automatically thought of music to the likes of Pink Floyd and Steven Wilson.

Maybe a little short for an introduction in the world of Prog but it left me wanting to hear a little more of it. Expecting to hear Tormented flow from here I was pleasantly surprised when it didn’t. Perhaps this was the band’s intention, a pilgrimage of some sort and each song an adventure all on its own.

Public Safety Broadcast, began with just that, reminiscent of Pink Floyds, High Hopes, from Division Bell. Both Vertigo and Forests in the Fallout, blurring the lines between Floyd and Steven Wilson. Forests in the Fallout had a similar start to Rush’s 2112.

Overall, to me this album contained all the goodies of symphonic rock and prog, but I felt perhaps it was all a little safe for and I wish it would have displayed a bit more experimentation and less mimic of the exploited relics of the past. The guitar work from both Jolie and Groom was nothing less than exceptional and included some well thought out chord transitions that complimented vocal harmonies which were really quite splendid.

Having said that, I would have liked to see a slightly beefier vocal from West, perhaps a little too tame and reserved in some parts. Other than that, I would have welcomed some lengthier songs and delighted in the chance to see some more of the open atmospheric, cinematic vibe.

There were glimpses of it throughout but just not quite enough to satisfy.

This is not a Test, both Upbeat and catchy, exciting and unique in comparison to the rest of the tracks on the album.  The Fall Pt 2 brings us full circle, concluding the journey. A solid first album, indeed. I recommend you listen to this album at high volume from start to finish to truly appreciate the overall theme. Feel the vibrations to really understand what Oblivion Protocol’s Fall of the Shire is really all about.

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Release Year: 2023
Label: Atomic Fire Records
Category: Album
Country: International

Reviewed by GG Baf