October Tide (Sweden)

Metal-Roos: There is no doubt that Norman is one of the most iconic guitarists currently. He enriched our souls, and hearts with thousands of unforgettable tunes and rhythms. It is a great honour to me to have this exclusive talk with him. Let’s start with the project you are working on currently. Thetimenightproject! After releasing the band’s first release, you faced many lineup problems, then you announced that your brother Mattias, and October Tide/Letters from the Colony combined forces with thetimenightproject! Was the lineup the problem or is the main reason for delaying writing and recording process of the upcoming album?

Frederik: Yes definitley!  I had all the demos ready and was waiting for the guys to do their thing but it didn’t happen.  So, we came to a point where we agreed on that we should go seperate ways. Sad of course but it was a neccessary step to take to be able keep moving forward.  But I’m very happy with the new lineup. The new album is shaping up and it sounds bloody great.

Metal-Roos: When I listened to thetimenightproject I found that it carries many similarities from the gloomy darkened mood of rock/post rock/metal tunes and it always brings to my mind the mood we loved from Katatonia and October Tide! So, why did you think of creating new project?

Frederik: The idea for this project came when I quit Katatonia. I had lots of unused material on my harddrive. And what’s better than to start a new project? 😉

Metal-Roos: Wasn’t that somehow challenging to produce more material, more writing?

Frederik: Of course. The song ideas that I already had were not really metal and I thought it would be interesting to continue that way.  Go more pop/rock but still keep some elements from metal.  But stay away from the heavy distorted guitars.

Metal-Roos: What are the recent updates concerning the new album? What are your main influences while writing it? Is there any concept story for the album?  

Frederik: We’re about to record the vocals now. The plan is to have the album finished by the end of December. Not sure which my influences are really. Music and life in general, I believe. Everything inspires. I always try to get a special feeling in everything I create which is impossible to describe.

Metal-Roos: Before talking about October Tide and your journey with the band I want to ask you about your story with Trees of Eternity lifetime masterpiece “Hour of the Nightingale”. How is your relation with Juha Raivio currently after Aleah Stanbridge’s death? And how did you receive the shocking news of her death?

Frederik: The news of her death really came as a shock.  I kind of knew that she was ill but I always thought that she would be ok. She was a special person indeed. Juha still lives in that little village where he and Aleah lived so me and my brother still use to visit him.

Metal-Roos: October Tide also faced different and various lineup changes! In general, how did you choose the new members to join the band?

Frederik: Searched among friends and their friends.

Metal-Roos: After few days you will perform in Metal Gates festival with a number of great metal bands such as Draconian, Rotting Christ, Shining and Clouds. What is your relationship with Metal Gates Festival lineup? And how did the festival contact you?

Frederik: I’ve been in touch with some of the guys in Draconian. Heike is doing guest vocals on the new thenighttimeproject album. It’ll good to see them both in person and live. Never seen them live.

Metal-Roos: Clouds announced 2 days ago that Swallow the Sun’s fronte man Mikko Kotamaki will be one of Clouds. How did you receive the news of meeting a Swallow the Sun friend in the same event? 

Frederik: I saw on Facebook that he’ll be joining them. He’s a good friend so it’ll be nice to see him again.

Metal-Roos: A few days ago, I interviewed the impressive talented Greek Doom Metal band Ocean of Grief, and they expressed their passion, and happiness because they will share the stage with one of their most favorite icons “October Tide”. Are you in contact with the rising bands that you are one of their main sources of inspiration? Would like to send them any message few days before the Fest?

Frederik: No, I’m not. Unfortunatly, I must say,  I’m not as updated as I should be about today’s metalscene. Got to many obligations these days that I just don’t have the time to keep up. So, playing festivals is a good opportunity to discover new bands.

Metal-Roos: In general, what are the main hardships that face the bands currently?

Frederik: It could be album sales perhaps. People is rather listening to Spotify than actually buying the albums.

Metal-Roos: Tell us more about your relationship with your brother. How did you start together your music career, how do you cross ways in mostly of your projects?

Frederik: It was back in 2000 when we wanted to get a complete lineup with Katatonia. It had been just me, Jonas and Anders for some years and we wanted to play live. So, I suggested my brother and Daniel who I had been playing with in another band. Mattias is good in what he’s doing, a really good bass and guitar player. We also share the same friends, so it’s always been easy to ask him.

Metal-Roos: Thank you again Fredrik for giving me this chance again.

Frederik: Thanks for the support.


Interview Date: 2018-11-09

Interviewer: Rana Atef