Once Human – Scar Weaver (Album Review)

Release Date: February 11th 2022 - Ear Music

Once Human - Scar Weaver

Scar Weaver is the third album by the groove metal band Once Human. Hailing from Los Angeles, Once Human is comprised of Lauren Hart on vocals, Logan Mader guitars, Max Karon guitars, Damien Rainaud bass, and Dillon Trollope on Drums. The album is due for release on 11 February 2022 via Ear Music Records.

I’m going to come right out and say it, Scar Weaver is an incredible album. The old adage “all killer, no filler” definitely applies to this album, it’s excellent through its entirety.
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Once Human has delivered such a polished album in Scar Weaver that they deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as other great groove metal bands DevilDriver, Lamb of God, or Arch Enemy. That’s a big call to make for sure, but I just really enjoyed this album.

The first single from the album is Deadlock which features Robb Flynn (Machine Head). During the song, Lauren and Robb effectively go toe to toe battling against each other for vocal supremacy. And you know what, Lauren easily proves she’s the better vocalist. Don’t get me wrong, I love Machine Head, but I think most vocalists would struggle to match Lauren for depth and talent. The song is catchy and reminds me at times of Parkway Drive.

Bottom Feeder is the standout track on the album. The song starts out with this nasty blast beat section, which is repeated again multiple times in the song, before heading into the guts of the song. At times the haunting vocals remind me of Layne Staley of Alice in Chains. As I said, Lauren has incredible range. I also dig the sweeping guitar sections. The whole song is just a demonstration of the band’s talent. It’s almost disgusting just how talented this band is.

We Ride is another stand-out for me and is a cover of the song by Strapping Young Lad (Devin Townsend). The cover is very well done and faithful to the original. In fact, it’s so faithful that in the last section I couldn’t discern if it was a sample taken straight from the SYL version, a guest appearance by Devin, or just Lauren demonstrating how amazing she is again!

Scar Weaver is wall-to-wall amazing. Eidolon is ridiculously groovy, Erasure is classic headbang material, Deserted has this amazing growling section that sounds like a lion as well as clean vocals, Only in Death has these sections of soaring guitars that are wonderful. I could go on but you’re just going to have to trust me.
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Scar Weaver is due out in less than a week. You absolutely must add it to your rotation, I guarantee you’ll enjoy it. This is a band that is on the up and will be headlining and selling out left right and center. Marvel at the depth of talent this band brings and just enjoy witnessing history.


  1. Eidolon
  2. Deadlock
  3. Scar Weaver
  4. Bottom Feader
  5. Where The Bones Lie
  6. Erasure
  7. Deserted
  8. We Ride
  9. Cold Arrival
  10. Only In Death

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Release Year: 2022
Label: Ear Music
Category: Album
Country: USA

Reviewed by Phil Bergersen