ORANGE GOBLIN Share New Single And Video ‘Cemetary Rats’


Following the release of their new single ‘(Not) Rocket Science’ last month, UK metal giants Orange Goblin deliver another blast of filthy British metal today with their new single ‘Cemetary Rats’. The second track to be taken from their upcoming album and Peaceville Records debut ‘Science, Not Fiction’ (19th July), ‘Cemetary Rats’ is accompanied by a comic book-inspired horror music video by Matthew Vickerstaff.

Watch The New Video For ‘Cemetary Rats’

Speaking on the new single and video, frontman Ben Ward said “You want Metal? You’ve got Metal! Cemetary Rats is an anthem for all the metalheads and rockers, the kids that society deems the ‘weirdos and freaks’! Fuck society! This is a song for everyone that likes to hang out in the graveyard, listening to metal and loving life as the underdog! This is doom, thrash and punk all rolled into one, like the mighty Black Sabbath colliding with classic era-Celtic Frost and Discharge! We are the heavy metal underground, we are the CEMETARY RATS!”

“People have funny ideas about what heavy metal is. But to me, it’s an attitude, it’s a lifestyle, it’s not something you decide to dip into. 

You either are or you’re not. 

And it’s for life.”

Ben Ward, Orange Goblin

Orange Goblin’s highly anticipated new album Science, Not Fiction was recorded at Woodworm Studios UK in late 2023, with production and mixing duties carried out by Grammy winning producer Mike Exeter (most notable for his work with Black Sabbath, Judas Priest and Tony Iommi) and mastering conducted by the esteemed Peter Hewitt-Dutton at The Bakery in LA.

From the explosive death-boogie of opener “The Fire At The Centre Of The Earth Is Mine” onwards, the band’s tenth album crackles with energy and belligerence. Following the departure of long serving bassist Martyn Millard in 2020, Orange Goblin welcomed close friend Harry Armstrong (formerly Hangnail) into the fray, making Science, Not Fiction his first studio outing with the band. With the new line-up fizzing with chemistry, the hard rocking likes of “(Not) Rocket Science”, “The Fury Of A Patient Man” and “The Justice Knife” breathe new life into some classic Orange Goblin tropes. Meanwhile, twisted prog-doom detours like “False Hope Diet” and “Cemetary Rats” take the Londoners into epic new territory, with everything from skull-shattering punk ‘n’ roll to transcendent space rock hurled into the swirling brew.


Orange Goblin – Science, Not Fiction tracklist

  1. The Fire At The Centre Of The Earth Is Mine
  2. (Not) Rocket Science
  3. Ascend The Negative
  4. False Hope Diet
  5. Cemetary Rats
  6. The Fury Of A Patient Man
  7. Gemini (Twins Of Evil)
  8. The Justice Knife
  9. End Of Transmission

Bonus track on CD Deluxe & LP

  1. Eye Of The Minotaur

Science, Not Fiction will be released on 19th July