OVERSENSE – Egomania (Album Review)

Oversense is a melodic power metal band from Germany formed in 2012, releasing their ‘Dreamcatcher’ E.P. in 2014, and their first full-length album, ‘The Storyteller’ in 2017. The band went on tour as support for Doro in 2018, after which preparations for their sophomore album began…and in 2021, ‘Egomania’ emerged…

…and is an incredible fifty-five minutes in length, featuring eleven songs inspired by both the heavy metal and hard rock styles of music. There really is something here for every metal and rock fan, as the album comes to life with the heavy-hitting ‘Toast To The Devil’. Standing on the borders of the metal and rock genres, ‘Toast To The Devil’ has a highly infectious nature and an addictive sing-along style chorus. Adding a high level of bombast, ‘The Longing’ is a higher tempo but nonetheless, infectious romp of head-nodding heavy rock come heavy metal – Oversense showing a slightly different musical direction with the opening two songs. The third song ‘Be’, features the vocal talents of first guest vocalist Herma Sick (from Italian alternative metal band Sick N’ Beautiful), and is a rip-roaring slab of swaggering hard rock melded with the heavy stomping attitude of heavy metal. The dual vocals add a different dimension to the sound of the album, with the chorus a superb sing-along – just imagine how a live audience is gonna react! Now that’s gonna be one helluva in concert moment I wanna be a part of…

Picking up the pace and becoming an all-out traditional metal gallop, ‘My Eden’ is a scorching high-tempo romp. The infectious level rises right through the roof as ‘My Eden’ races on to a finish. Adopting a heavier feel ‘Tear Me Down’ is a mid-tempo heavy hitter, yet loses none of the album’s overall addictive nature. Even the chorus continues the band’s penchant for catchy sing-along style choruses! Since the album began, Oversense has kept the intensity level at a sublime high, not dipping once – not even for ‘Love’, which at first glance, err listen, resembles a ballad. The short mellow, keyboard-led intro would suggest a time for lighters to be raised high, but nope! ‘Love’ is a melodic metal march, full of swagger as it strides on to its end. Featuring a second guest vocalist, Ulli Perhonen (from German symphonic metal band Snow White Blood), ‘Faith’ is a fast-paced symphonic-edged gallop. With pace changes aplenty, ‘Faith’ hurtles by in a flash, the high-intensity level still intact, and yet another catchy chorus to enjoy.

With their second full-length outing, Oversense is running round the metal and rock genres at will – delivering a mix that is attractive to fans of both styles. ‘Rave In Hell’ is a heavy foot stomping march, the kind of in-your-face and blunt attitude of modern-day British hard rock. The chorus is still an infectious singalong, with heads nodding very hard to the rhythm of ‘Rave In Hell’. Picking up the pace and tempo once more, ‘Antisocial’ is a searing gallop of traditional heavy metal – and no, it isn’t a cover of Anthrax covering the classic Trust song! Oversense‘s ‘Antisocial’ is the most “foot on the monitor” styled metal offering on the album, providing one of the best headbanging opportunities. And with just two songs remaining, the intensity level does drop – for ‘Memories’, is a power ballad to raise your lighters to and sway from side to side. The final song on the album ‘Extinction’, is also the longest, chiming in at over seven minutes in length. Opening with a sour and fairly menacing intro, ‘Extinction’ bursts into life, becoming a fast-paced gallop of heavy-hitting metal, restoring the intensity level back to where it has been for ninety-five percent of the album. A very good ending to a very good album.

Overall, a cracking gallop through the genres of metal and rock, highly infectious and overly addictive.

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Release Year: 2021
Label: Dr. Music Records
Category: Album
Country: Germany

Reviewed by Iron Mathew for Frenzy Fire, Metal Gods TV, and Metal-Roos.