Parricide – Crude (Re-Issue Review)

This week I was lucky enough to do another review for Black-Roos Entertainment And the album that I am reviewing Is the 3rd Album from Parricide entitled (Crude). This Old school Blackened death metal/Grindcore Band is signed to Awakening Records And they Ramp the Brutal Heaviness up to Maximum destruction On This album. So strap yourselves in and enjoy the bombastic And Wild ride That is …CRUDE!!!

This 12 track album begins with 13 seconds of orchestral cello before going right for the jugular and sucker punches you in the throat. The orchestral flourish serves as only an appetizer and is solely to suck you into a false sense of security before the caustic and blackened death metal assault hits you head-on like a ton of bricks. The opening song (Conditional Infinity) Absolutely pummels your senses to the very core. Parricide creates a truly claustrophobic and frightening wall of sound that at times threatens to crumble in and collapse on itself burying the listener under a ton of Debris. Don’t get me wrong as that’s A bloody good thing with this type of extreme metal. If you like your Metal Raw, intense, dangerous, and dirty, then there is certainly a hell of a lot to like about this band. 2nd track (Nothing Twice) Is full of machine-gun blast beats and demolition hammer bass blasts Courtesy of Drummer ( Artur Raszka) and bassist/vocalist (Mariusz Staniuk). The vocals are Throaty, Raw, and Unhinged and Complement The music perfectly. Mariusa does a wonderful job spitting vile, venom, and violence. The Vocals hit hard and After all, this type of metal was never supposed to be overproduced or polished. The amazing guitar work really hits the spot also courtesy of the dual guitar combo (Piotr Sabaranski and Albert Kraczkowski), especially in the solos. Short and spontaneous but Monstrous Guitar bursts in the Style of (Trey Azargoth) flay the flesh from the bone. A truly terrifying and wonderfully unhinged start to this album …Crude!!!

The 3rd track Entitled (Nothing twice) Follows suit and pierces the same vein as the Opening Assault. This Band Definitely Is not trying to reinvent the wheel here and this song takes the foundations that were laid down on the opening track and ramps it up Again. More bone-shattering Blast Beats and soul-crushing bass bombs, Deep blood-curdling Death metal Growls, and Shrieking unstable guitar debauchery. Parricide honestly creates an intense wall of sound, It is jarring, Heavy, and Utterly filthy. This Is the soundscape to the apocalypse Shrouded in utter darkness soundtracking the day of mankind. The rest of the album  Continues to Annihilate everything in its path but it doesn’t deviate much from the original template and at times the production does fall short but with shades of Both (Morbid Angel And Deicide) There is so much to Sink your bloodthirsty chops into with this band and album. I personally really enjoyed this album especially the closing Combination of track 11 (Deranged) and track 12 (Watched(By Shades), Both Brutally wonderful slabs of Dark and meaty death metal goodness with a little more visceral evolution. Parricide also draws on Black Metal, Doom metal, and sludge. The highlight for me was the insanely Mad guitar Seizures that are littered all over this album. The Vocals Were also genuinely unhinged throughout and I especially enjoyed the latter songs where Mariuza was showing a little more diversity in his vocal delivery including the Higher shrieks. The rhythm section holds it all together and provides a Heavy as hell and unshakable foundation that props up this chaotic and frightening music beautifully. The only Gripe that I have is at times the production but in saying that, I think that it’s raw and violent by design. The songwriting and musicianship is Very, very good…

I am rewarding this third album from PARRICIDE (CRUDE) 7.5 Burning churches out of 10 Burning Churches, Bloody good Songwriting, and Fantastic musicianship, Blackened death metal the way that it should be played. But could do with a little more diversity And A Richer production. Great Band/Great Album …Check them out right now. Cheers And Peace …Metal\Edd/

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Release Year: 2020
Label: Awakening Records
Category: Album
Country: Poland

Reviewed by …Metal\Edd/