PARRICIDE – Fascination of Indifference (Album Review)

From the click of the play button, I’ve landed in a sweet Sludgy Breakdown, no need to wade through any long intros to find some face-melting Metal. As a long appreciator of Death Doom Sludge Genres, these riffs and vocal styles really pay homage to progenitors of the underground heavy music scene. Big Fan of the Raw DIY Production, no BS, just Metal!

If you like: Groups like Possessed and early Death and Grind genres you’re going to feel at home with this release. The things you know and love live on in every track. Monstrous Guitar Riffs, soaring solos, Classic Death Metal Drum sounds & and Gut belching Death Metal vox all consolidated into a missile of extreme Death Metal energy.

Haters be like: Things people might not like about this record is its DIY sounding production. Some of the tracks towards the end sound like they have been recorded at a different location with different techniques. For me, this isn’t a problem as an omnibus of fresh content outweighs a record with great production but zero heart. If this is the type of thing that would drive you mad then you’re going to look past the songwriting and just not enjoy it.

It Gets 3.5 – Flaming, Horny, Mutant, Metal GoatMen


Release Year: 2021
Label: Awakening Records
Category: Album
Country: Poland

Reviewed by Patt Sabbath Reviews