Patient Sixty-Seven hit 2022 hard and early with new single/video “Scattered”

Patient Sixty-Seven

Patient Sixty-Seven – The meme-fiends who provide regular observation on the Australian and World-Wide metalcore community via their Instagram and Facebook feed are releasing their brand new single and video ‘Scattered‘ on Friday January 28th. The track can be purchased/streamed at

Patient Sixty-Seven are often spoken about online as “The underdog band who are set to explode who are proving themselves in the crowded world of metalcore that authenticity and heart matter above all else”.

The band have come from nothing, hailing from one of the most isolated cities in the world – to something – and now, armed with nothing but a passion for heavy music (and a few memes), they are determined to show the world what they’ve got.

Their most recent single ‘Wayfarer’ attracted praise from a range of sources. Wall of Sound said that it combined “…a mesh of solid breakdowns and punchy riffs, this one manages to take you on a rollercoaster of aggression, ebbing and flowing inbetween the guttering vocal ranges that frontman Tom Kiely has unlocked here — it’s seriously one of his best ranges yet!”,

On the topic of the new single, vocalist Tom Kiely said that “Scattered is our band’s most ambitious effort to date. The song talks openly and honestly about the hurt, the pain – the burden it places on anyone constantly at war with themselves and their addiction.

The lyrics depict the ups and downs of trying your hardest to separate yourself from the struggle – but only spiralling more. The chorus talks on wanting to give up, and let go of yourself and those you love because you’ll never be whole. You’re looking constantly in the mirror for answers but only problems seem to surface.”

Sonically, Scattered pairs P67’s signature dual-vocal approach, bringing to the forefront a memorable chorus hook. The guitar leads shine throughout, while the heavy overtones of the songs verses showcase a newfound intensity from a band hungry and at the top of their game.

The Music and Lyrics on Scattered are written by Patient Sixty-Seven, and the track was Produced/Mixed/Mastered by Ryan Botha (Audax Studios), the Drums performed by Giuliano Macri. The Music Video was created/directed and edited by Elliot Charleston, with Additional thanks to Matt Fennell and Andre Di Biase and the Makeup for the clip was by Keely Knight.

Patient Sixty-Seven have amassed a hearty 4.5 million+ total streams and over 70k monthly listeners and have racked up stats like cover artist for Homegrown & Heavy, playlist spots on New Core, New Metal Tracks, Metal Covers, New Blood & More on Spotify, placement on Apple Music playlists Breaking Hard Rock & Heaps Heavy, featured as Tidal playlist cover artist on Rising Metal and hit the international radio waves on Sirius XM and idobi radio, and back home on triple J across Short Fast Loud & Home & Hosed + Rotation on triple J Unearthed and The Faction.