Persekutor – Permanent Winter (Album Review)

Be prepared to go below zero as Permanent Winter by Romanian winter metallers Persekutor brings the cool winter darkness with their extreme blackened frostbitten sound. This 9 track album is available for pre-order and is to be released via Svart Records on September 4th, 2020.

Permanent Winter has a progressive groove throughout their 80s heavy metal sounding heavy guitar riffs, and syncopated rhythms, with cool black metal undertones and thundering drum tempos. Vocals have a harsh growling tone and rhythmic chanting style building emphasis throughout the composition.

Persekutor has achieved a well-refined album as they bring an upbeat groove to old school extreme metal, with haunting riffs, and melancholic bitter cold lyrical themes. Permanent Winter transports the mind to harsh and shiver-inducing conditions with a sense of an upbeat adventure afoot.

Permanent Winter by Persekutor is reminiscent of old school bands like Celtic Frost and Venom, which is inculcated with the Romanian frost of dawn. I rate this full-length album 4.5 roos out of 5, but instead of roos, let’s make it 4.5 frostbitten toes out of 5.

Release Year: 2020
Label: Svart Records
Category: Album
Country: Romania

Reviewed by Alex