Stamina – Perseverance (Album Review)

Stamina - Perseverance

When you see a list of special guests as long as your arm is on the liner notes of an album, it’s either a shameless cash grab or a way to lift what is otherwise a mediocre album.
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With this album, I think it must be the 1st option that they’re going for because this is actually a pretty decent album and would have been even without the special guests (I imagine so anyway).

Actually, I think the different vocalists do this album a slight disservice because even though you can hear the band’s identity coming through on this there’s still a slight inconsistency about it. The sound is a cross between Symphonic/European metal with plenty of keyboards and a hint of Macalpine/Gambale/Garsed etc style Fusion playing.
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There’s also some insane shredding on here especially on the song Higher which perhaps could have been toned down ever so slightly. The song Naked Eye also has a hint of Harum-Scarum about it especially with the backing vocals.

Overall this is a pretty damn cool album but I do think at times they’re almost trying to cover too many styles sometimes even in the one song.
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Maybe it’s just because I’m not used to hearing something go from Symphonic Metal to Fusion and I’m certain that the more I listen to it the more it will grow on me but the inconsistency in styles still bugs me. I will definitely be listening to this album again and I’m now curious to hear what their previous releases sound like so this can’t be a bad thing.

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Release Year: 2014
Label: Power Prog
Category: Album
Country: Italy

Reviewed by Chris Xynos