Perth outfit Endstate drop powerful new single and video ‘Ghost’


On January 30 2022, Perth Band NASMA announced that their band name would change – to a band name that more reflected who they are and what they want to put into the world. Today – they are bringing their first piece of music as ENDSTATE and they herald their arrival into the heavy music scene with the first taste of what is to come.

The debut single and videoclip are entitled GHOST. It is out now on all digital stores and platforms at

Jayden King, vocalist for ENDSTATE, said that “The lyrics for GHOST were inspired by my struggle to connect with others in my day-to-day life, leaving me feeling like a ghost, surrounded by the living. However, as with everything I write, I like to keep it open enough for the listener/reader to form their own connection with the song.”

The newly minted, Perth-based ENDSTATE are Jayden King on Vocals, Songwriter Kieran Sasse on Guitar, James Owen on Bass, Jacob Te Rore-Harpur on Guitar and Paul Rangitutia on Drums. The band worked alongside Sebastion Sendon to Mix and Master the monster track.

King continued, ” For me this is the most emotionally heavy song we have ever released and so we really tried hard to capture that in the music video.” The Music Video was shot, produced and edited by DARKSPIRITPHOTOGRAPHY.

The djent-laden guitar riffery and melodic elements all converge to create a track that allows the passion and desperation in in King’s vocals to shine. The lyrics and harsh vocals beg the universe for the ability to be seen as heard in the lyrics “This is the lonely position / Between enlightenment and aberration / Nothing can close the distance / Between where I am And where I want to be “.