Perth prog outfit Primrose Path release new single/video ‘Irrelevance’

Primrose Path

Primrose Path are a dark progressive five piece outfit from Perth, Australia fusing grunge, black metal, djent, melodic and death metal to create their unique brand of ‘psychedelic space-witch’ metal.

After previously releasing singles and an EP, the band return with a brand new track titled “Irrelevance” accompanied by a music video shot by Joseph Varley at DarkSpirit Photography.

“Irrelevance” was composed by guitarist Brenton Lush, with all vocals and lyrics written by vocalist Lindsay Rose. Given the djenty undertones of the song, bassist Scott Henry adopted a less melodic bass approach than usual, to allow room for the layering of so many lead guitar and vocal parts, giving the song a palpable pulse.

Lyrically, it explores coping with rejection and having to carry on in the face of adversity, but more importantly, how it is so often the people who fail to support you that want to benefit from your successes when you reach them. It is highly narrative of what most artists experience in their infancy as they try to establish themselves, but certainly speaks beyond just that of creative pursuits, and is a social dynamic many humans experience throughout their lives. Like all our music, the lyrics tend to address the human experience, but this song vocally was definitely some of Lindsay’s more aggressive belting capturing no doubt some of her own struggles as an artist.

Originally formed by family members Matthew Kearns, Lindsay Rose and Brenton Lush in a pool shed, Primrose Path all began just jamming together for fun. Early on the band realised the music they were improvising was soon evolving into songs, and decided by late 2020 that it was worth establishing themselves as an original band with Scott Henry joining on bass and more recently Taz Gallant on rhythm guitar and James Handebeaux on drums solidifying their current lineup.

The band focuses on complex arrangements of melodies and synergy between vocals and lead guitar to create cathartic and sometimes haunting music. With heavy riffing used in conjunction with blast beats, entwined with psychedelic passages, the music is supposed to be narrative and take the listener on a journey.

The band is looking forward to a busy year of shows piling up, supporting RinRin on 9 June 2023 with many more coming up through the year.


Listen to Irrelevance HERE