Pervertor – Putrid Dominion (Album Review)

Pervertor is a black thrash band from Wellington, New Zealand.  Featuring Rots (drums), Necroar (vocals), Inebriator (guitar), and Carnage (Bass), the band has been prominent in the New Zealand scene for a number of years.  They have 2 previous releases, “Into the Alcoholic Abyss” and “Perverted Tales of Depravity”.  This year they have released “Putrid Dominion”, which has 8 tracks of relentless black thrash.  From the very beginning the first track “Slaughtered” smacks you full-on in the face.  Necroar’s vocals are unhinged and intense, the drums, bass, and guitars provide the perfect atmosphere which combines with the vocals in a ferocious attack.

The album does not let up at all, it is 30 minutes of the absolute merciless metal assault.  “Perverted and Introverted” has some interesting changes in melody and tempo which make this a standout track for me.  Again Necroar’s vocals are rampant and vicious.  The instruments are so tight that it morphs together in the most formidable manner.

I also have to mention the album cover, it depicts a decaying metal dude with a battle vest displaying patches of bands I assume are strong influences for Pervertor and a nod to their previous releases.  The more you look at the cover the more detail you see which gives you an insight into what to expect from the album.  One of the best metal album covers I’ve seen in a while.

“Trapped in the Blubber Beast’s Nest” has a wickedly heavy intro riff, and begins with a blood-curdling vocal, and then the ceaseless attack begins again, another really cool track, I love the timing of the vocals to the riff and the subtle changes throughout this track.

I can’t describe how the entire album makes me feel, it is wickedly enslaving to the ear.  It stirs something within that is beyond words.  The only thing better than listening to this album is to see Pervertor live, if you haven’t yet seen this band live, you need to rectify this error of judgment as soon as humanly possible, their live performance is just as monstrous (if not more) than their recordings.

Recommended for fans of black thrash brutality.  The album is available on limited edition CDs, cassettes, and vinyl, and I recommend you go and buy it immediately from their Bandcamp. You will not be disappointed.

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Release Year: 2021
Category: Album
Country: New Zealand

Reviewed by ForsakenMisery