Hallowed Fire – Pillars of Lies (EP Review)

To the north of Amsterdam lies the municipality of Heerhugowaard from where this five-piece originates. The decibel reader of the local residents has long since been blown to pieces with the second EP from the quintet.

Their sound is laden with heavy thrash that starts right from the first powering of the chord with their title track, ‘Pillars of lies’, which kicks in with the first 5 seconds indicating their sheer determinism for auditory domination.

The second track ‘Monsters in disguise’ starts off in a way that almost sounds like a bridge before kicking into the main riff which provides a unique twist towards already in the second track. Solos dot the songs to provide a spate of bullet paced notes in a timely fashion but they don’t dominate.

Their vocalist brings a dynamic dimension to the album. Growls and chainsaw vocals amid the grinding guitars made for a sound that works providing vocal tracks that run on point with the aggression and rhythm. As far as riffs are concerned there is a balance between style and thrash heavy riffs. What comes from the guitars are simple enough but they have a sonorous tone.

The last track is a live version of the last song of their first EP, Decade of darkness, which is an EP that is worth getting as the style varies slightly to this one.


1. Pillars of lies
2. Monsters in disguise
3. Bring out your demons
4. Fearless
5. Hatchet (live)

Release Year: 2020
Label: self-released
Category: EP
Country: Netherlands

Reviewed by Byron Lotz