Plum Green – Somnambulistic (Album Review)

Somnambulistic is Victorian Plum Greens’ third full-length release and sees her sombre, hymns reach new heights delivered simply yet beautifully.

Plum Green defies normal description, her voice is alluring almost sensual in its subtlety. From dark hymns to a lullaby dreamlike state.  It’s neo dark Folk, Ambient, Doom. Dark Gothic, acoustic gospel. Everything yet nothing. Somnambulistic is beautiful yet haunting, a sinister undercurrent lurks within the melodies the simple acoustic tones rich in texture, drawing you into her cinematic sounds, conjuring images that remain long after the first listen. Yet there are screams hidden within the sonnets, the layers of sound to assist and create a genuinely uplifting experience.

“White Kitten”, “Grave Snuggler” and “Walk Against the Wind” are bright stars that stand out, eerie and emotive, combining classical acoustic guitar and the invaluable contributions of musical partner Daniel Cross, but it is “’Belleza Nocturna’’ and its closing serenade that lingers long after its finished. A lullaby to say goodnight and a vocal line to carry with you in your dreams

Dream Like ethereal and intangible. Somnambulistic is a genuine labor of love where nothing is overlooked and everything is intentional, it adds to the mythos that is Plum Green, mysterious, deeply personal, and epitomizing power in its silence, presence in its restraint, and a unique talent that is in complete control of its destiny.

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Release Year: 2021
Label: Nefarious Industries
Category: Album
Country: Australia

Reviewed by Sparky