PREMIERE: Terror Parade go post apocalyptic in latest video for “Revolution”

Terror Parade

Terror Parade recently returned from the wastelands to unveil their latest offering Revolution and today they unveil the video for the track which is premiering exclusively here at Metal-Roos!

While most within heavy music constantly look for ways to remain innovative and relevant in a stale, uninspired landscape, Terror Parade have chosen their own path. One that fuses arena sized hooks, metal sonics and punk attitude with incredible and dynamic theatrical visuals to take you on a wild ride. All of that is delivered in spades on new single, Revolution!

The track comes storming out of the gate from the get go and hits you hard in the face, commanding your full attention. Distinctive tribal drum beats and a gritty, yet incredibly catchy guitar riff form the backbone of the track allowing Zichxyna’s powerful vocals to be front and centre and instantly set the scene. By the time you get to the (soon to be iconic) anthemic chorus, you’re hooked and signing up to join the Revolution.

Lyrically, Revolution takes you to a post apocalyptic time were tribal law ruled the wasteland and the only objective was survival, everything else was trivial. This concept connects with how humanity has lost itself over the last few decades as Revolution demands that people shake off the apathy, blame and indifference that has taken hold over so many for so long. It’s time for people to stand up for themselves and fight for what they believe in! To start a Revolution you must create your own story and find your own strength to stand up. Take the power back, become the Revolution and join us!

Vocalist Zichxyna says of the track: “Become your own revolution today, to change the world around you”.